Official date September 1st 2013


MODERE is the next big thing in the world of personal marketing and product innovation! At MODERE they are combining New Age Retail and Social Marketing to create a disruptive model! They are a top notch company with over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. They do over $300,000,000 a year in sales, in 25 countries. 


They have been leaders in innovation with over 300 products formulated to be environmentally friendly and heathy, while making them affordable.


The leaders at MODERE are second to none.  Their combined experience and innovation are at the top in the industry. MODERE's new designs and new innovations bring their products to standards that will supersede their competitors.


Right now, MODERE is offering positions for business professionals who would like to team up to promote their company in the USA! It is a limited opportunity for a chance to earn real bonus incentives. 

I believe MODERE is going to create a separate class, that will out class any competitor in the industry. The marketing strategy is only limited to your imagination. This is a time in your history where you can be a part of something revolutionary.  This is the time where your story will be told.


If you would like to understand more about this truly unique opportunity, keep checking back for updates. Also, submit your information and request in the boxes below.  I will reply within 24 hours with your unique code. I only have a limited number of codes, so act fast!  Once you receive your code, you will have 48 hours to lock in your position before the code expires. The earlier you lock in the better!



Join me at MODERE!*




*no charges will be applied for products or service until September 1, 2013